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43D/8 Hồ Văn Huê, Phường 9, Phú Nhuận
20 - 150 người
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LAUDERT (Đức) thành lập chi nhánh tại Việt Nam từ năm 2015, chuyên lĩnh vực về hình ảnh.

We know our roots. This helps to keep a firm foothold in the fast-paced, sometimes stormy media world. As a strategic and operational partner for all aspects of product communication, you can rely on us.

Source of our work is since 1959 the expertise for perfect pictures. We never lose sight of this in the daily search for the solutions to your challenges in all the disciplines of product communication.

Our Münsterland roots give us hold. Utilizing the steadfast and trustworthy regional traits giving us the basis for groundbreaking creativity.
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