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Tòa nhà Wilona Tower - Số 824/28A-28B Sư Vạn Hạnh, P12, Q10, TpHCM
20 - 150 người
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KITAPIDA Mediphar is a Medical & Pharmaceutical Company Limited. KITAPIDA Mediphar is specializing in distribution of pharmaceutical, healthcare products and medical devices.
KITAPIDA Mediphar was found by a veteran management team with many years of experience running large companies. They are Doctors, Pharmacists, Engineers who also have BBA degree and MBA degree .They have had many years of experience in pharmaceutical & medical equipment fields.
KITAPIDA Mediphar was started with Business & Tax Code Registration License Number 0309917592, issued by Planning & Investment Department of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We are planning to achieve Annual Sales Growth rate of 50% of each year.
KITAPIDA Mediphar is run by a veteran management team with many years of experience running large companies. This veteran management team, together with our exceptionally talented workforce, enable us to meet the needs of our customers time after time, including government and private hospitals, private clinics, doctors, pharmacies and modern retail chain stores.
KITAPIDA Mediphar is striving to become one of the leading distributors of healthcare & pharmaceutical products, trauma & orthopedic products and medical devices in Viet Nam, providing a cutting-edge distribution infrastructure and services to principals and customers.
KITAPIDA Mediphar is planning to build a state- of-the-art warehouse that is second to none. The new warehouse will be fully temperature & humidity controlled system. We are setting up strictly high quality management standards and including ISO 9001:2000 and Ministry of Health Good Storage Practice (GSP) certifications. Our warehouse and inventory management will be fully computerized . All product movements will be tracked and monitored by a batch-control system.
KITAPIDA Mediphar is in progress of getting Good Distribution Practice certificate (GDP),certified by Health Department of Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam.
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