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248A Nơ Trang Long, Phường 12, Quận Bình Thạnh
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Established in November 2011, Pharmacity is proud to be the top modern and convenient retail pharmacy chain in Vietnam. Our vision is "pharmacity is the most convenient pharmacy chain where customers fully entrust their health and wellness in Vietnam". With over 7000 dedicated and experienced Pharmacists across the country, Pharmacity serves customers faithfully with medicines from trusted sources, great care and giving a great customer experience. Pharmacity has opened more than 1000 pharmacies across nationwide. By 2025, to ensure the convenience for customers to reach out to Pharmacity, we will spread our footprint to 5000 stores and strengthen our leading position in the Vietnamese pharmacy market.
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Miền Nam
(028) 7109 2828
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(024) 7309 2828

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Miền Nam
(028) 7107 8888
Miền Bắc
(024) 7309 8888
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